Yoruba Movie (2024) Latest – OPA META

Opa Meta is a story born out of the power of cultural fiction, creativity, and a strong sense of theatre collaborations.

In a lively Nigerian village, a young girl named Abebi is known for her stubborn nature and boundless curiosity. Abebi is a spirited and intelligent child, but her strong-willed personality often leads her into trouble. Meanwhile, back in the village, Abebi’s mother, Iya Abebi, and the villagers grow worried about Abebi’s stubbornness. Her curiosity often turned into reckless defiance.

Despite her mother’s efforts to guide her, Abebi continues to challenge the village’s traditions and rules, believing that her way is superior. Abebi’s story is deeply rooted in strong cultural concepts, which is why it is aptly titled “Opa Meta.” The project is compelling and unique, garnering production funding from Tayese Academy of Arts & Culture London, a UK-registered community interest company dedicated to promoting Yoruba arts and culture. To deliver the central theme of the story, Omolara Dauda stars in the film and also serves as the producer of “Opa Meta.” The story, originally conceived by Olanrewaju Sharafa (The Tayese of London), was scripted and directed by one of Nigeria’s fast-rising Yoruba movie directors, Olamide Olaoye.

Starring: Omolara Daud, Peju Ogunmola, Jaiye Kuki, Niyi Johnson, Afeez Enioal, Racheal Iwalewa, and others.


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