Download and Watch [Latest][2024] Nollywood Movie – MOMENT OF TRUTH

In an elite high school, Malik, a popular and charismatic student, is found dead in a bathroom, sending shockwaves through the students and staff. Struggling with grief and seeking answers, Malik’s mother hires a determined private detective to uncover the truth behind her son’s mysterious death.

The detective’s investigation reveals a web of secrets and lies within the school. Students are questioned, and suspicions arise when a new girl is found with Malik’s phone.

As the detective digs deeper, a dark world of illegal drug trafficking emerges. Malik was caught in this dangerous web, and the investigation reveals that he was being supplied by a clandestine drug ring.

The shocking climax uncovers that Malik’s life was taken due to unpaid debts by the leader of this drug ring who is someone everybody would least expect.

CAST Angel Unigwe Emmanuel Nse Enitan Oluwole Ilana G. Ally Paschaline Chinaza

Director: Emeka Ekwedike

Assistant Director: Kosi Ezeoke Producer: Sochima Ezeoke

Executive Producer: Zoke Studios


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