Download [2024][Latest] Nollywood Movie – TWO OF A KIND

“Two Of A Kind” tells the emotional story of two brothers, Gerald and Peter, who were tragically separated at a young age following the untimely death of their parents. Gerald, the older brother at 7 years old, was left to fend for himself while Peter, just 5 years old, was adopted into a wealthy family.

However, Peter’s new life was far from idyllic as he was not entirely raised with love by his adoptive parents, who later had a biological son of their own.

As the brothers grow up in vastly different worlds, their paths eventually cross, leading to a tumultuous reunion filled with heartache, forgiveness, and the enduring bond of brotherhood. “Two Of A Kind” is a powerful tale of family, loss, and the unbreakable ties that bind us together,

script writer: Prisca okereke

Starring:- Maurice Sam, Alex Cross, Chinenye ulaegbu

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